Acoustic Friendly Cupboards

Product Features

  • 40 kg uniformly distributed Shelf load
  • Fully adjustable shelves at 32 mm pitch (1.25 inch), for maximum storage
  • Pop rivet construction
  • Complete Knockdown Packing
  • Steel doors are reinforced at the rear face for extra strength
  • Glass doors supplied with single piece Toughened Glass for each door
  • Nylon rollers provided for smooth door movement
  • Safety stopper provided to prevent crossover of doors
  • Large corner gussets on the front and bottom to give the cabinet the extra rigidity
VariantsProduct CodeProduct Outer DimensionCapacity in a 20 Foot Container
Glass DoorSteel DoorHeightWidthDepthGlass DoorSteel Door
Extra Full HeightFSLDG2FSLDS22000 (78.7)1200 (47.3)450 (17.8)145 CKD units150 CKD units
Full HeightFSLDG1FSLDS11830 (72)914 (36)463 (18.2)180 CKD units210 CKD units
FSLDG3FSLDS31500 (59.1)110 CKD units114 CKD units
Special Counter HeightHSLDG4HSLDS41320 (52)914 (36)463 (18.2)--
HSLDG5HSLDS51500 (59.1)--
Counter HeightHSLDGAHSLDSA1015 (40)914 (36)463 (18.2)280 CKD units350 CKD units
HSLDG3HSLDS31500 (59.1)126 CKD units153 CKD units
VariantsProduct CodeStorage Space
Glass DoorSteel DoorHeightWidthDepth
Extra Full HeightFSLDG2FSLDS2Adjustable
1200 (47.3)450 (17.8)
Full HeightFSLDG1FSLDS1914 (36)463 (18.2)
FSLDG3FSLDS31500 (59.1)
Special Counter HeightHSLDG4HSLDS4914 (36)463 (18.2)
HSLDG5HSLDS51500 (59.1)
Counter HeightHSLDGAHSLDSA914 (36)463 (18.2)
HSLDG3HSLDS31500 (59.1)

40kg Uniformly Distributed Shelf Load


Adjustable Shelf


Complete Knockdown


Pop-rivet Construction


Toughened Glass


Sliding Shelf


Slotted Shelf


Slotted Shelf Divider


Toast Rack


No Handle Option Available

No Lock Option Available

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